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Fashion Styles that make you Look Younger

Fashion Styles that make you Look Younger

Many of us men and women try everything to make ourselves look younger than we truly are. if you are wearing your son or daughters hand-me-downs, that is the wrong way to make a younger impression, that is why you should keep reading this article! This article will show you the proper ways to look young without giving away a desperate attempt.

Never let your clothes cling to the wrong parts – When you wear clothing pieces that cling to the bad parts of your body, it draws attention to those parts. If you do not want to show those parts off, you should wear clothing that draws attention away from them.

Try flat-front pants instead of pleats – Flat-front pants are exactly how they sound; flat in the front! When you wear flat-front pants, it makes your stomach look slimmer and lengthens your legs, which makes your legs look longer, making you look taller. When you look taller, your body automatically looks well proportioned. Every woman longs for a tall, lean-looking body.

Show the thin part of your arms – Your wrist and forearm is the smallest part of any man and women’s arm. One of the new styles are those dress shirts with three-quarter sleeves. You can even roll up your sleeves partway. This gives a much younger look because the rolled-up-sleeve style is for a younger generation; however, this is still classy and sophisticated.

Show off your shoulders – Showing a little shoulder is very sexy (and also only for women); however, there are ways you can show your shoulders without looking too sexy. The shoulders are the slowest aging body part on everyone, that is why you should show them off if you are trying to look younger! Try wearing a wide V-neck or a slender boat neck. These styles are classy, while making you look young and sexy.

Wear the proper bra – Obviously, this tip is only for women. The most common mistake about wearing a bra is that women wear their bra bands too loosely. When you bra is too loose, or does not fit properly, it allows your breast to sag, and shows off unsightly back fat, which no one wants to see. Tighten your bra bands and keep your breast well supported so that they look perky and well kept. Perky breast make a woman look much younger!

Shapewear! – Men and women can wear shapewear! There is shapewear for only certain parts of your body that you are trying to slim down, or if you want to make your WHOLE body appear thinner, they make shapewear bodysuits! Shapewear was invented for men and women who hate the way their body looks. Shapewear keeps everything kept tight inside, so there is no back fat, or “love handles”! Great invention!

Printed clothing – Depending on how your personal fashion style is, you might be able to pull off the printed clothing style. On demand T-shirt printing is a great way to express yourself, make yourself look younger, and give off a certain vibe to others. You must be careful when it comes to on demand T-shirt printing though because sometimes it might make you look as if you are wearing your children’s clothes! On demand T-shirt printing is a great way to show off your “rocker” side; however, only if you have a rocker side to you.

Use distractionsJewelry is much more than just an accessory. Jewelry is also a huge distraction from something you do not want to show off! For example, if you have a small chest, try wearing a big, bold, short¸ necklace. The bold necklace will distract others’ eye from your small chest! As we all know, not every woman has a big chest, no matter how old they are!

Author Bio: Jordon, Known in the fashion world as a fashion adroit. For more than a decade he has worked for many clients as a fashion consultant and also as an author for various fashion websites to propel their concepts beyond reality with sublime flare, hitting the fashion jackpot every time. He has a keen sense of fashion and an unparalleled creative eye for exactly what is right in fashion. Currently his contribution can be seen here.

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