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Fashion Q&A With Designer Theresa Ebagua of Luxury Shoe Brand Chelsea

Luxury footwear designer answers a few fun questions about her shoe collection.
Luxury footwear designer answers a few fun questions about her shoe collection.
Chelsea Paris

If shoes are made for walking - then by all means do so with class and in high style-esteem. It's not too often that the urge to treat our feet to quality, gorgeous design and unique character becomes a second thought. In case you've been wondering where to turn for your next shoe fix, the Chelsea Paris collection by Theresa Ebagua is the footwear line to satisfy your shoe craving. Available on, the Italian handmade collection is full of head-turning designs for the discerning shoe lover who possesses a timeless sense of style. My inquiring fashion mind wanted to know more about the collection and the designers inspirations. Theresa agreed and shared the following:

Naima: Let’s talk artistic turn-ons…what gets you in the designing mood?

Theresa of Chelsea Paris: It could be anything really, from an art exhibition to street style details I notice. No matter where I find my inspiration, there's always a contemporary and renewed insight into my origins. In my head, I immediately connect new spark of inspirations back to My African heritage. I spent a lot of time traveling so the airplane is my design zone, it's my sanctuary and where I come up with the best ideas. I look forward to my travel sessions...

Naima: Whether it’s Cinderella, the old lady living in a shoe, or Carrie Bradshaw ‘s appreciation of footwear in Sex In The City – there seems to be a continuous love theme regarding women’s fascination for shoes on the big screen or fairy tales. Why do you think shoes are the apple of every woman’s eye?

Theresa of Chelsea Paris: Because the right pair of shoes can conceal a woman's inhibitions and communicate their desires, it hits at the core of their personality and tells a story about the woman.

Naima: When did you encounter your first shoe crush?

Theresa of Chelsea Paris: My first shoe crush was as a teenager—I fell in love with the details of a Burlesque type shoe at a vintage shop in London. It was my first crush and it led to the love of my life....making shoes....

Naima: Who is the Chelsea Paris woman?

Theresa of Chelsea Paris: The Chelsea Paris woman is a free spirit, she is always moved by her own desires and never swayed by outré trends. She is sensual and passionate, deeply feminine and entirely individual.

Naima: For those looking to go shoe shopping soon, what is the one rule of thumb women should keep in mind?

Theresa of Chelsea Paris: I always build my outfits from the shoe up, they are the ultimate accessory for me! Therefore I believe high quality of materials and manufacturing is mandatory—that's the reason why Chelsea Paris collections are produced in Italy. Shoes have to be elegant and versatile in order to last throughout the day; they have to make you feel comfortable while getting you noticed.

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