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Fashion on a Budget for Everyone

Everyone wants to look good in the clothes that they wear, but for those of us that are particularly interested in the fashion world, it is not enough to look good. We want to look great! Which can be difficult if you are always working towards an impossibly small budget, that never seems to cover that gorgeous dress that you simply can't live without, or that amazing pair of print trousers that you know would make your wardrobe complete.

There are some fashion blogs that argue to live your fashion dream on a budget, you need to buy lots and lots of cheap clothes. While this is certainly brilliant for some items, like accessories or tights, there is another way. What you need to do is to buy the five perfect items – whatever price they are – which will then not only update your wardrobe, but make you look the most incredible icon within your circles. They will update every look, and worn with cheap clothes you will always look like you've spent far beyond your budget.

So, what five magical items do you need to invest in? Here they are:

1. One beautiful necklace.
If you ever want to make an outfit look fabulous, then you're going to need a beautiful necklace. The right piece of jewellery can change boring work clothes to the most stunning outfit for going out after a long day.

2. One perfectly fitting black dress.
The Little Black Dress or LBD will never go out of fashion, so if you buy one that is really flattering to your figure, you will never have to buy one again. That's saved you money right away! You can never tell how much they were, so everyone will assume that yours cost a fortune.

3. One amazing pair of shoes.
Nothing says confidence like a pair of shoes that you adore. Whether they are flats or heels, boots or wedges, get some that you'll want to wear every day for the rest of your life.

4. One divine set of underwear.
So, not everyone you meet will get to see it, but a divine set of underwear will set off every outfit, making everything stand up and go in where it should. Worth every penny.

5. One designer shirt or blouse.
Because everyone should have something in their wardrobe that is designer, and a shirt or blouse is perfect for work, for day, and for play.

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