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Fashion magazines move forward


February issue of GQ in the mail.

As more and more people turn away from print media to online content and mobile devices (iPhones, e-readers, etc.); major players in the fashion industry are scrambling to keep up with the way the general populace is now taking in information in an effort to keep (and find new) readers and the advertising dollars that are based on that sometimes elusive readership.

As in fashion, creativity is the key.

Conde Nast, the publisher of GQ as well as other magazines, has turned to the iPhone in an effort to save GQ from the fate of Gourmet Magazine, which ended publication with the November 2009 issue.

The February issue of GQ is currently available on Apple's App Store for $2.99, a  $1.51 savings over the newsstand price of $4.50.

Subscriber inserts from February issue of GQ

 One could argue there are many cons to purchasing a favorite fashion magazine on a mobile device: smaller print, the images are only 3.5 inches large,etc. But the pros far outweigh the cons: greener (it's very fashionable to be concerned about the environment), access to a favorite article or image anywhere (one is much more likely to have his or her phone on him or her than a magazine), access to missed back issues (currently, December and January are available as apps), exclusive content, none of those obnoxious little pieces of paper that fall out telling you to subscribe when you already are a subsciber, the list could go on and on.

Tomorrow, Apple tells the world about their newest device, and some believe everything will change again. For today, however, search for GQ at the app store, you will find all of their available issues as well as some free goodies.

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