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Fashion legend Saint Laurent first biopic airs

Fashion legend Saint Laurent new biopic
Fashion legend Saint Laurent new biopic
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The story of one of the biggest fashion icons come to life in a biopic. The visionary Yves Saint Laurent who innovated fashion of the 20th century women, comes back to life in first biopic of the man known as the "prince of fashion".

The biopic was filmed by French actor-turned-director Jalil Lespert the biopic focuses on 20 years of the designer's life between 1956 and 1976 its a journey of the designers rise to fame and fortune.

According to the Biopic it also highlight the designers love story between himself and his partner Pierre Berge, which reals the "dark, sombre face" of a man who at times plunged into depression, drugs and alcohol, and was unfaithful.

Saint Laurent was born in 1936 in Algeria and passed away in 2008 aged 71, the designer dominated the international couture scene since the1960s. He was known for revolutionizing women's wardrobes with a new androgynous style that mirrored women's push for a stronger social role.

He was among the first to work with black model paving opportunities for supermodel Naomi Campbell who in 2008 paid tribute to the legendary designer

Lespert, 37, told AFP he wanted to "tell a love story and at the same time a story about people who fight for their dreams".

Filmmaker Lespert stated "the historic and national importance" of the designer "through his creations, men's clothes - trousers, tuxedos, reefer jackets -- which he democratised for women at a time when French society was changing".

Playing the legend Saint Laurent is 24-year-old actor Pierre Niney.

At the ripe age of 17 he went to Paris and in 1954 he won Paris design competition He started out at Christian Dior and then struck out on his own the YSL logo became synonymous with all the latest trends.

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