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Fashion Language in Memphis

Fashion has come a long way, wouldn't you think, and so have we! From the runway to the retail store, fashion is catering to our individual personalities. What we want is what fashion is giving us. And we love our individuality-so much that we use our fashion as a way to say who we are. So, with this being said, what does fashion say about YOu?

When we shop in the Memphis area, we ask ourselves one important question? Are you a leader or are you a follower? This generation is bringing up more and more leaders. We are creating our own looks which speak volumes about who we are. In turn we are making sure that the whole fashion world sees the words that we are speaking. When we dress in innovative and new looks we are shouting "This is me! I am here, notice me!" In so many words we are daring society to see who we truly are. No longer are we following the masses in their 'cookie cutter' outfits, we are changing how the whole world views the fashion industry.

Designers such as Christian Dior and Betsy Johnson are great examples of designing with personality. There are many statements that come to mind when viewing some of these designer's latest fashions. They beg with their sutle yet unusual colors and they whisper with their billowy fabrics. They simply shout, "look at me!" They allow us to mix and match their many different assets and make an edgy representation of our own personality!

Our generation will not stand by idly and let the market decide who they are, oh no! We will show the world through our dress, that we are one of a kind. Our youth is dressing to make a statement of what it is and how it is different from all other generations before this one. With bold colors, sharp and dynamic hemlines stretching the imagination, the way we dress says that we are revolutionary. With soft fabrics and flowery detail, the way we look is quietly whispering about how fragile yet strong we are. But that is not all, our fashions relate our intellectualism and our ability to be independant. We are pairing casual and formal ideas to combine and create a wonderful new way of looking at the young professional.

Fasion is simply doing things that we never thought was possible before! Fashion has become our paints and our mediums in which we share a bit of our soul. Just as artists in Overton Park express their thoughts, feelings and emotions through paint and other mediums, fashion lovers express these things through clothing and hot accessories. We are the sharp dressed man, we are the pretty woman...we are walking in a movie called life where we feel unstoppable! Why, fashion is simply our weapon of choice for the new generation.

What does fashion says we can be anyone we choose to be. We are soldiers in our camoflauge armbands, we are artists in our off the shoulder bright colored tees and we are musicians with our rust colored berets and designer shades. We are statements....statments through the way we dress. We are fashions new generation! We are truly making a statement through the way we dress. We are making an permanent imprint and changing the world!

Fashion has come a long way; and in Memphis Tennessee fashion is making its mark and setting the stage for something truly revolutionary.

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