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Fashion is about how you wear it

Fashion is not merely what you were, but how you wear it. 

Photography Sarah Brown, Model Priscilla Ahn
Fashion is not merely what you were, but how you wear it. Photography Sarah Brown, Model Priscilla Ahn

As I was on the plane, traveling back from Europe, I was looking through a mixture of European and American fashion magazines comparing the different styles. As I compared, I realized that fashion is not merely what you wear, but how you wear it.

Fashion is not merely what you were, but how you wear it. Layer up, go for bold and have fun.
Photographer Sarah Brown, Model Meredith Katsu

In addition, as I waited in the airport during the long layovers people-watching, I observed individual’s style's from around the world. As people walked by I kept thinking, “If she just tucked her pants into her boots a little more, it would make her legs look so much longer.” “If she would pull her hair back, out of her face, she would look so much more awake.” “If she would pull her undershirt down, it would show off the many layers under her jacket and make her look much slimmer,” and so on.

Many people were wearing the right clothes, but not the right way. Even the most expensive designers worn the wrong way look sloppy. Just as the simplest, off-brand pieces worn the right way can look fabulous.

For example, one may wear a designer scarf, but if worn the wrong way and just thrown on, it looses its fashion appeal and looks out of place. With any article of clothing or jewelry, one must wear it on purpose with a specific look in mind.

If you look through fashion photography in magazines, you will see that the models wear their pieces of clothing uniquely; scarves draped to the side, layers of jewelry, mixed patterns, etc. Their look is appealing in the photographs, and if worn the right way, it can look appealing on you, too.

Look through some fashion magazines and find your inspirations. Then look for articles of clothing that you already have around your home that look similar to what you see in your inspiring fashion photographs. If worn the right way, you too can be a fashion icon with what you already have.


  • GaBe 5 years ago

    what else should be added...when everything was said already. maybe just to emphesize that BRAND itself is not everythin... =]

  • Deb 5 years ago

    Very true! Nice to know you can freshen up an outfit just by wearing some things differently.

  • Amy 5 years ago

    Great pictures!
    Yup, examples help, I'm getting into that. It's hard wear a style if you don't know how it looks ... partly, it's just taking the time to notice.

  • Sue 5 years ago

    You don't need to spend lots of money to look good, I like that!

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