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Fashion for dating

New Year / New Romance
New Year / New Romance

Finding or exploring new romance is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions. So why not look your best while on your quest for a healthy and happy love connection?

For those of you perusing the latest Internet dating sites, chatting up new prospects (try the gym to the grocery store) the following guidelines will help you rock that all-important first impression.

It's vitally important to be able to express who you are because, as we all know, there's nothing more awkward than trying to be something or someone you're not (leave that for the young celebs).

You'll want to be comfortable too. No teetering on super high strippers shoes, especially after that 5 o'clock martini. Oh yeah, if you are meeting for a drink, make it one - and never leave your glass unattended. Ditch the restrictive clothing too. Did you know that too-tight jeans cause nerve damage (and your nerves go through enough on the dating circuit)?

Dress confidently as well, no matter your size. Ricki's "Fresh Start" spring clothing line includes tops like the chiffon mock and satin cowl necks. Simply fabulous are the fabrics, patterns and hues. And they carry petite and plus sizes - Remember, curves are always in (just ask the guys).

The Gap carries denim in shortened lengths and their sizing goes up to 16. You'll find the perfect casual wear for that coffee house meeting to a stroll through an art exhibit. If it's an outdoor meeting, throw on a brightly coloured scarf or funky hat to add instant interest to your look.

Then there's Urban for men and women. Their philosophy: "To expand the boundaries of common thinking and welcome new and innovative ways to express one's self through fashion." So, for all you dazzling dating urbanites, you'll find something truly unique in this store. Brand names include, but are not limited to: Citizens for Humanity; Ed Hardy; Free People; J. Lindeberg; and True Religion. Shopping here will give you an almost religious experience!

So get out there and land your dream date. And if you don't find what you're looking for, you can always hit the stores where you're sure to go home with something you absolutely luv.


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