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Fashion for a cause review: Rapanui apparel

Rapanui Shirt

Rapanui is an Eco-Fashion company from the Isle of Wight, that makes Organic, Ethical clothing using Renewable Energy with award-winning traceability. Rapanui is about making eco-fashion cool. Just as your crisps tell you they have high fat or salt content, or your light bulbs tell you if they're efficient or not, Rapanui thinks the high street should clearly, honestly tell you how clothing is made.

When you purchase the fur-like softness Rapanui clothing, you know your clothes were made with purpose. You will also know that during the process of their creation, there was a low carbon footprint. Perhaps one of their more bold pieces of clothing is their Ethical Fast Fashion Tee. The slogan is "you can have them all, but not at one time." The shirt stands for the fact that if you want sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, it's worth a slower production rate. It's not quickly thrown together with cheap, harmful things.

Another noteable piece of their collection is the best-selling Save Our Seas top. Made with, of course, 100% organic cotton, it sends a powerful message to love the ocean and the living things within it.

One of the best parts, cost wise, of this brand is that they give you money back when you no longer want the clothing, or you feel like it is no longer wearable. Yes, you get paid to return your clothes to the same place you bought them! And you get money to buy brand new items at Rapanui that are ready for a new life in your wardrobe!

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