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Fashion for a cause review: Light of Mine

Light of Mine
Light of Mine

Light of Mine is a clothing company with a conscience. For every shirt they sell we will donate a pound of seed. By empowering people to help themselves we can create sustainable solutions to eliminate hunger. Founded out of a deep-seeded (pun intended) love for people, Light of Mine is dedicated to selling high quality shirts allowing us to donate high quality aid to those who need it most.
In 2011, Chief Seed Sower, Kimberly, was compelled to start a business which focused on helping right the injustices in the world. The biggest obstacle she faced in the beginning was deciding on which social injustice Light of Mine would focus on.
After despairingly researching the unbearable problems our world faces, it was decided that Light of Mine would focus on combating hunger worldwide. Why? Because 25,000 people die everyday from hunger and it’s solvable.

Light of Mine tees are so comfortable and conscious of the hunger that happens everyday. The company uses American Apparel shirts are made in Los Angeles, CA and printed in Hawaii. Knowing that by wearing these shirts you are representing a company that is working to make this world even just a little bit better, can make fashion a true statement. The shirts are available in all different colors and designs, which are sure to strike your fancy!