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Fashion for a cause review: Josh Stevens Foundation

Josh Stevens
Josh Stevens

A shirt with a beautiful message can be found from the Josh Stevens Foundation. After losing a beautiful person like Josh, his parents got together to create this foundation in his honor. The foundation has a Be Kind shirt and a Be Kind Like Josh bracelet. As the site says you can "wear the shirt and live the message". The shirt fits wonderfully and is very comfortable. Knowing your representing such an amazing cause for an unbelievably kind soul makes this piece of clothing a treasure.

When his parents lost Josh, they were heartbroken, but "when a whole community steps up to support and remind you of his unique brand of kindness, you really start to recognize that others knew about his enormous heart as well. Josh was always doing something kind for someone else. We believe that when he was kind to others, seeing how it made them feel, it inspired him to pour out more kindness. It was a necessity to him. And when a person would say “thank you” to him, it filled him so full, that it would make his day. This is how and why we came up with The Josh Stevens Foundation and the Kindness Card. It’s a simple way to “catch” someone and let them know that their genuine kindness can change the world. Our hope is that people being “caught” will be inspired to be more kind, more often."

You can find out more about the Josh Stevens Foundation and how to purchase merchandise to spread the kindness in Josh's honor on the foundations site.