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Fashion flash mob turns Denver Art Museum entrance into impromptu runway

The fashion flash mob turned the entrance to the Denver Art Museum into an impromptu runway.

(Vivid Photography Studio)
The fashion flash mob turned the entrance to the Denver Art Museum into an impromptu runway. (Vivid Photography Studio)

Colorado weather can be unpredictable and so can its fashion. Style collided with nature when a group of Colorado designers and models met unexpectedly with gusty winds. A fashion flash mob assembled in front of the Denver Art Museum around 6:00 – 7:00 pm on Friday despite blustery weather conditions. Flash mobs, like the YouTube “Frozen Grand Central” one made popular by Improv Everywhere, involve large groups of people organizing a sudden meeting where they perform or accomplish a random act, and then quickly disperse.

Local designers Tricia Hoke, Deb Henriksen, and Mona Lucero helped organized the event through social media.  Hoke was visibly pleased with the outcome. “It was awesome and windy!” she beamed.

The fashion flash mob, along with Mother Nature’s own wind machine, turned the entrance of the Denver Art Museum into an impromptu runway, which the models strutted while holding their designers’ signs. The designers involved came from all skill levels but all shared the pride of being Colorado-based.

“I’m so proud of Colorado,” Brandi Shigley of Fashion Denver gushed. Shigley was sporting a playful Tina Joliffe dress as she weaved among the mob in roller skates. She led the group through a myriad of formations, all aimed at bringing attention to the immense designing talent Colorado has to offer. The event drew mixed reactions from passersby who were drawn to the colorful crowd.

Designers who participated in the event include Tricia Hoke, Mona Lucero, Turbo Lovin, Mondo Guerra, Jose Duran, James Silvrants, Omar Rodriguez, Rachel Tai, Funky Orange, Kitty Mae, Studio Yoshida, DVLP Clothing, and Carol Mier to name a few.

Relive the fashion flash mob and check out more images and designers in the slideshow.


  • Omar 3D Metaphors 5 years ago

    Someone said "If you're in a band that plays local bars and nightclubs, should you try to get a gig at Madison Square Garden? The art world is like anywhere else. You work your way up; you don't skip steps." What are really these steps? Maybe LOTS AND LOTS of fashion (or art) flash mobs? Until we conquer the heart and soul of Denver...

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