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Fashion, fabric and fun with Ancil Gordon

There are very few women that can boast a true signature style. It does not matter how much money you have or how many designer boutiques you visit, signature style is something that you have in your inner spirit that comes out in the way you dress and present yourself to the world. Ancil Gordon is one of those special ladies that has created such an astounding signature style that often onlookers are left speechless.

Ancil Gordon has created a signature style full of color, unique fanrics and touches of whimsy.
EJS Photography
Ancil Gordon with one of her unique designs
EJS Photography

Ancil is a silver-haired beauty that has her own look and so much more. It all started in the 1970's when Mrs.Gordon became frustrated with the fashion industry after seeing top label designs copied everywhere. She also owned a preschool and needed a look that worked while sitting on tiny little chairs with children. It was around this time that her style was born. She sprayed her hair a silvery grey and chose to wear it swept back. This is the look that she has to this day and has never changed. She then designed a comfortable and figure flattering ankle-length dress with a simple v-neckline and three-quarter length sleeves.

From there she hunted for the perfect bold color printed fabric which would often turn out to be a vintage textile. She then added unique trims and touches of whimsy like a matching teddy bear or a set of carved lucite buttons. The key to Ancil's whole look is that everything is one fabric print from her dress to her purse to her fabric covered shoes. All custom created by a seamstress for Ancil. She has used this same seamstress all these years!

What about mix and match? That is a no no in the world of Mrs. Gordon. The only time she might add an item that does not match the print is when she adds a vintage handbag or eyeglasses. The fabrics she selects would make even a proud peacock shrink. Loads of bright vibrant colors and prints are her fashion signature.

Ancil is a frequent visitor at vintage and antique shows where she is always being photographed. She was even photographed by the famous New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunnigham and also profiled by the New York Daily News. So what is her favorite color? Of course it is orange. One of the most disliked colors on the color wheel but one that Ancil loves to wear. If it is the norm then it is not for Ancil.

What many people do not know about this lovely lady is that she graduated from Julliard. She plays piano and accordian and of course dances to the beat of a different drummer. To me what is the most striking thing about Mrs. Gordon is that she is totally approachable. It was a pleasure to spend an afternoon with her and take a tour of her closet. If you have never thought about what your signature style might be then perhaps Ancil will inspire you. Enjoy the colorful slideshow and be prepared to smile as you enter Ancil Gordon's fashion world.

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