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Fashion expert Lisa Butcher offers style tips for taller women



  • Erin Lerner 6 years ago

    Great article! :)

  • Katie 6 years ago

    This article was interesting. Lisa is very pretty and the clothes look great on her however i have tried them on myself and am not happy with the fabrics and cuts. Never have much luck at Long Tall Sally/Tall Girl with the clothes....they have great shoes though. I have found better luck at and Finally there are some more options for us tall ladies.

  • tallook 6 years ago

    Do you know if they are going to have more trunk shows in other major cities? If so, I'd love to let me tall readers know at Good article!

  • Jessica Merritt 5 years ago

    Hi Tallook, I am looking into this for you right now. I believe the trunk shows for LTS are over for the season but I will post again if I find out otherwise! Sorry for the delay. Thank you for your comment.

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