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Fashion expert Lisa Butcher offers style tips for taller women


                  Lisa Butcher for Long Tall Sally

If you've read my recent articles, you know that the fashion retailer for tall women, Long Tall Sally, is now expanding their storefronts from the U.K. to the United States! They even held a trunk show in Chicago last month - providing women a chance to preview beautiful items from the line.

What you may not know is that gorgeous renowned English model and TV presenter, Lisa Butcher, is an in-house style expert for the Long Tall Sally brand.

You may recognize Lisa from her role on BBC's "What Not to Wear," a program dedicated to helping women ditch their outdated and unflattering style for an entirely new wardrobe, learning tips and tricks from fashion experts along the way.

Fashion expert and designer for Long Tall Sally Lisa Butcher answers some questions and provides some style insight for tall women!

1. How did you get involved with Long Tall Sally and what were your initial thoughts when starting this new chapter in your life?

Long Tall Sally was reinvigorating the brand, and the team approached me for a collaboration. I was really excited to get on board after years of difficulty finding clothes that fit and were stylish.

2. What cuts, shapes and styles do you most suggest tall women wear?

· Wide-leg pants are great for tall women as they help to disguise larger feet.

· Maxi dresses are a good option, as they don’t get lost on a taller figure and can go from the office to a night out with a quick change of accessories and shoes.

· Go bold when it comes to accessories. Look for colorful and fun brooches, dangly earrings, and chunky bracelets that will stand out.

3. What is your number 1 style tip for tall, fashion-forward women?

The most important style tip for tall women is to wear clothes that truly fit. That means that it’s more than just inseams and sleeves that are long enough; pockets, waists, knees, and everything else should fall in the right spot.

4. What do you think is the most flattering outfit a tall woman can wear?

The most flattering outfit is one in which a woman feels confident and beautiful. Confidence means she’ll stand tall and proud, which is a look that can’t be beat!

5. What parts of her body do you suggest a tall woman flaunt?

Tall women should look to flaunt their own, individual best assets – whether that means wearing a mini skirt to show of great legs, a sleeveless top for toned arms, or a v-neck top to show some cleavage.

6. When you style tall women, what is the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge used to be finding clothes that are fashionable as well as built for a taller figure. Luckily, Long Tall Sally has solved that problem, as all of the apparel and accessories are on-trend and designed for women 5’8” and taller!

7. Do you have any favorite Long Tall Sally pieces for spring and summer or any advice on must-have pieces or colors for tall women as the weather warms up?

I design the “Lisa” collection for Long Tall Sally, which has some must-haves for this summer, from special occasion dresses to jeans to tanks and more! The “Kimama” kaftan is a great pick, as it works as a cover-up on the beach or can be paired with jeans for going out. I also love the “Pakho” dress, a really elegant maxi dress in black with convertible straps.

There’s also a “Lisa Loves” section on the Long Tall Sally website where I’ve picked some of my favorites for the season. The “Cuba” top is stunning in a dark purple printed with a leaf design. Pair it with white jeans and a long necklace for a chic summer outfit.

More info: Check out my interview with writer/journalist Arianne Cohen, tall ambassador for the Long Tall Sally Brand.


  • Erin Lerner 5 years ago

    Great article! :)

  • Katie 5 years ago

    This article was interesting. Lisa is very pretty and the clothes look great on her however i have tried them on myself and am not happy with the fabrics and cuts. Never have much luck at Long Tall Sally/Tall Girl with the clothes....they have great shoes though. I have found better luck at and Finally there are some more options for us tall ladies.

  • tallook 5 years ago

    Do you know if they are going to have more trunk shows in other major cities? If so, I'd love to let me tall readers know at Good article!

  • Jessica Merritt 5 years ago

    Hi Tallook, I am looking into this for you right now. I believe the trunk shows for LTS are over for the season but I will post again if I find out otherwise! Sorry for the delay. Thank you for your comment.

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