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Fashion dilemma? There's an app for that! (Part 1)


Fashion iPhone Apps

Staying on top of fashion and trends doesn't come second nature to everyone. Combine fashion uncertainty with technology and voila! - iPhone apps for the everyday lady with style on the brain. With high profile lables like Gucci and Ralph Lauren hopping on this bandwagon, the iPhone is morphing into a pivotal fashion tool.  Here's a review of some of the more noteworthy apps, decide for yourself whether you want to download, delete, or if you think it might fit your style to read it!


Eliza Magazine App

Eliza Magazine - This is the ultimate shabby chic magazine featuring real women, real stories, and adorable fashions. Their app allows users to view the latest issue of the mag and alerts you when new issues are available for purchase within the app itself. Staying unique from other magazines and mag apps Eliza allows back issues to be purchased as well - so you can have your Eliza fix and read it too.

Verdict? Download - Eliza Magazine - iTunes - $0.99


Chanel App

Chanel - Everything you'd expect from the brand: the rundown on their shows, news, and even a store locator. This app gives every girl a piece of Chanel. With basic navigational features the software delivers quality couture looks with vivid imagery.

Verdict? Download - Chanel - iTunes - Free


Nylon Magazine App

Nylon Magazine - The app isn't a replacement for the vibrant magazine, but it does provide published articles, a strong beauty and fashion section plus Nylon TV videos via YouTube. However, it isn't super fast when loading image heavy pages, but it is free and does provide updated articles and online postings.

Verdict? Download - Nylon Mag - iTunes - Free


Gucci App

Gucci - This app brings more than just a peek inside the fashion house. It targets their iPhone using youth demographic perfectly with music mixes and app exlclusives. A limited edittion Gucci sneaker designed by Mark Ronson is only available via the app. Their 'Gucci Live' section has music playlists from Mark Ronson, a look into their UNICEF partnership, and an video on Gucci Artisans (how their products are made). Overall, superp entertainment!

Verdict? Download - Gucci - iTunes - Free

Style Caster App

Style Caster - Oozing with ads from Gilt Group this app's goal is to provide users clothing suggestions based upon weather and location. If you're clueless when it comes to fashion and dressing for the seasons then this is a practical download. However, you'll probably be entertained for a few then never check it again.

Verdict? Delete - Style Caster - iTunes - Free

Feather Report

Feather Report - A much more playful and girly alternative to Style Caster. The Feather Report brings clothing suggestions based upon weather, events (fab affair, girls night, happy hour, etc), and body shape. This is perfect for ladies with natural curves who might feel that their fashion choices can be very limited - especially depending on the season.  Weather + Fashion = Feather Report.

Verdict? If it fits, read it - Feather Report - iTunes - $1.99

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