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Fashion Designer Ceres Dasia Henry Showcases Her DIAJA /Black Label Collection

Designer Ceres Dasia Henry debuts her Spring 2015 Black label Collection
Designer Ceres Dasia Henry debuts her Spring 2015 Black label Collection
Michael Latimer

Fashion designer Ceres Dasia Henry is both the Creative Director and CEO of her DIAJA fashion line. Ceres recently showcased her DIAJA/ Black Label Collection, at the elegant and sophisticated lounge located at the 49 Grove Street Prive in the West Village in NYC. Ceres is a young designer that designs clothing and accessories for both men and women just like the world’s top fashion designers.

Ceres' DIAJA fashion designs provide ready-to-wear apparel that reveal her "fashion forward"use of style, fabrics, color, silhouettes and design. The 49 Grove Street Prive lounge attendees were both impressed and ready to buy the "uniquely styled" DIAJA fashions.

"Constantly driven and led by fashion, Ceres Dasia Henry pursued her passion at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Inspired and nurtured by mentor Norma Kamali, ( F.I.T graduate, and designer featured on the Fashion Walk of Fame​), Ceres graduated with an Associates degree in Patternmaking, and received her Bachelors in Production Management. With valuable information learned, and hands on experience from internships at Sean John, Norma Kamali, and Cold water Creek, Ceres was equipped with the necessary tools to enter into the fashion industry with her signature brand.​​

With the help, encouragement, and support from her parents, ( whom are both entrepreneurs), they helped make her dream a reality by co-founding DIAJA, ( pronounced Dee-Asia), a line featuring quality handbags, jewelry, and fine apparel.

DIAJA is on the rise with the goal of becoming a brand name that will impact fashion history and the lives of those around her by using the fashion platform to give back.

Our Design Philosophy: To create ready-to-wear, chic, "no brainer" outfits, with classic silhouettes that can be worn years to come, and incorporate the latest trends that will keep the modern day man and woman in the fashion loop."


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