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Fashion chat with Ashley Tamarra, Jacksonville's darling fashionista

Ashley Tamarra is no stranger to the world of fashion. The entrepreneur and fashion blogger is definitely making a name for herself here in Jacksonville, FL as the go-to for all things fashion. Petite with a larger than life personality, Ashley's fashion, as well as her social media presence, influence many of her clients and customers daily. The young entrepreneur lends her fashion knowledge by way of wardrobe styling, blogging, and also running the online clothing boutique, Doll Shoppe. Ashley Tamarra took time away from juggling her many endeavors to participate in an interview that taps into her personal style and fashion background.

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Ashley Tamarra
Introducing Jacksonville fashionista, stylist, and entrepreneur, Ashley Tamarra.
Ashley Tamarra

Who is Ashley Tamarra?

"My name is Ashley Tamarra Hodges. I dropped the Hodges about a year ago. I am a single mom of one, originally born in Detroit Michigan but I've been a Jacksonville resident forever. I am a fashion blogger, Youtuber, and I own an online store that offers new and vintage clothing called Doll Shoppe ( I am also a part time wardrobe stylist.. whew I think that's all. I wear too many hats."

On what inspired her to get into fashion:

"I know this sounds corny.. but I didn't choose the fashion life. The fashion life chose me! Seriously. I remember always wearing crazy looks and always being obsessed with fashion as a young girl. People have always admired my fashion sense and asked for my advice. In all honesty , it really wasn't a decision. I just breathe it."

On how she describes her own fashion:

"Care-free. I can guarantee 95% of the time I throw things together without thinking about it. I really don't put too much thought into what I wear. If it feels good and looks good, it's a go. When you think too hard about fashion it can be stressful. I always remind myself it's an expression. Just do what feels good to ME.

I would also say fun. I am changing a lot about my wardrobe, as far as maturity is concerned, but I am still a wild color, f-u tee, and print girl at heart. I am approaching my 30's, and I was stressing a year or two ago about how what I wore would reflect me as a 30 year old woman. I don't think it's anything wrong with a woman wearing a playing tee from time to time, as long as it doesn't consume her style. One day you may see me wearing a pair of 6 inch heels, and the next a pair of Jordans. That's me, fashionably fun... I think (lol).

Careful. I really don't like to boast and brag about my style. However, I like to think I am quite stylish. I seriously have gone from just being the ultimate consumer and impulsive buyer to really taking my time when making a purchase. I think 'is this going to be fashionably worthy a year from now? Is it timeless, or just trendy? Is this worth my money? How will I be perceived in this piece? Is this a look I am going for?' At the the end of the day I feel my wardrobe/ style is an investment, and I have to take my time building it."

On her favorite trends:

"My favorite trends change every month (covers eyes)... seriously (lol). Right now, they are 80s fashion, boho chic, and chic in general. I love chic because it is mature, minimal, and sexy.. but mixed with street style like boho? OH! that makes my heart sing."

On what the fashion industry lacks today:

"New age fashion lacks class. I am not trying to be funny, but it breaks my heart when I see all of the Instagram boutiques displaying tight catsuits and body con dresses with mesh covering what should be private on the body. I often look at these pictures like... huh!!?! What happened to a-line cut dresses and pencil skirts that sit below the knee? Classy jumpsuits? I know that all of these things still exist, but people think tight and raunchy is fashion and it's just not! I guarantee you won't see half of these things on a reputable runway during Fashion Week. Sorry, today's style burns me up."

On what every woman should have in her closet:

"Every woman should have a little black dress, a black pair of stilettos, a versatile bra, a great pair of jeans, and a large structured handbag."

Prediction for 2014 Fall fashion

"Yellow, yellow, yellow... I believe yellow is going to be the new black for the fall. I don't know why, I just feel it in my bones (lol). I also think leather is going to reappear. Oh! and Moto jackets, skirts, boots, and jeans."

You can check out Ashley Tamarra's great style and fashion advice at , as well as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and .

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