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Fashion at the Oscars

Fashion at the Oscars Sunday was absolutely breathtaking. For the most part, the elegance, color and texture of the gowns walking down the runway, seemed more reminiscent of the late sixties or early seventies. Soothing flow and purposeful color is what stood out the most.

Jennifer Lawrence was wearing a beautiful true red, gown with a sweetheart neckline and her accessory? A diamond necklace that seemed to be about 30" long, mainly to drape down the back slightly further than the front. And what did Amy Adams wear? A deep, royal blue full length gown which was strapless exposing elegant necklines. No necklace needed, a simple pair of drop earrings did the trick quite nicely.

Even the gorgeously pregnant Kerry Washington was wearing a strapless gown in pewter. The simple diamond accessories are just perfect with such a rich backdrop.

All in all, one beautiful gown after another, it seems that the stars knew that it was not going to rain on Oscar Sunday, in fact, it will be sunny and beautiful and perfect. It seems though that one particular lady brought it all home, including the Oscar. Lupita Nyong'o walked the carpet in a truly Grecian inspired Prada gown in a delicate color told to us to be 'Nairobi Blue'. No matter the name, the color is simply beautiful. The Oscars were elegantly refreshing in simplicity and beauty at the same time. It is well done that with the Oscars being the end of the award season, and thus the end of the red carpets, it could not have ended more lovely. Thank you artists for the breath of fresh air. See you all next season.

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