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Fashion Art Toronto 2014 : LAZAR Couture

Fashion Art Toronto 2014 : LAZAR Couture
Fashion Art Toronto 2014 : LAZAR Couture
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Clothing that empowers a woman who is not afraid of her age and gender but rather she wants to show it with confidence is what fashion brand LAZAR is all about they hit the runway in Toronto for Fashion Art Toronto 2014.

Tell me a little about your brand. Where are you from?

I moved to Canada in 2005 with my family. The very first thing I did when I came to Canada was asking for a Fashion school and the possibility to study fashion. As a mechanical technician background from my native country Macedonia I am very detail oriented with a strong “technical” understanding of the garments’ structure. Through my fashion career I got a chance to work with few recognisable designers where I “grow up” professionally and learn a lot about this industry. I had a chance to work and be involved in many projects such as TIFF Celebrities dresses assistant stylist in 2013, assisting in designing and producing the dress by Pat McDonagh for DARE TO WEAR FOR LOVE 2012, FAT SHOW2012, assisting in design and production the dress by Pat McDonagh for MAC VIVA GLAM FASHION CARES GALA 2012, so creating my label LAZAR was just so natural and it was just a matter of time to announce its launching.

What does FAT means to you?

FAT is big open door of career opportunities. This is my second time showing at FAT but first time under LAZAR Couture label name. This is very unique fashion show where FASHION meets ART and vice versa ART meets FASHION. Creativity is limitless and imagination is reality so Designers, Stylists, and Media they work together creating one unique beauty. What FAT makes special it is the chance and opportunity that both experienced and famous designers are “sharing” the runway with the commencing designers. I wanted to experience that energy.

How would you define your brand?

I would like to think of LAZAR as a brand that represent confident, power, freedom. LAZAR’s woman does not afraid of her age and gender but rather she wants to show it with confidence. LAZAR Couture design is for woman who feels like lady, mature but mysterious. It is ready-to wear and evening wear brand.

How long does it usually take you to construct a piece?

LAZAR design is due to the differences; it looks plain but powerful, classy but sexy. Its recognizable look lies in its details such as the fit, the length, and the silhouette; it takes time to create a label image, to keep its recognition and follow its look. So for each style I design I usually make muslin to make sure I follow and keep LAZAR’s look. Sometimes it can take a few days and few muslin samples until I get the perfect look.

Describe the general process you go through to design and what’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

The very first think for me is to define the inspiration/theme and the mood of the collection and then sourcing for the fabrics. According the inspiration and mood I then choose the colors, fabrics and accessories.

What matters to you most as a designer?

I don’t necessarily follow the trends, and as a Color Consultant I have an extensive knowledge of the colors, fabrics, textures so I follow my intuition and imagination. It is very important to find strong inspiration because based on that the collection gets its name, gets its colors that give her uniqueness and recognition.

What do you believe makes a quality design?

The connection and the relationship between the designer and the customer are very thin and close. Making all those customers buy your design, love your design, it is like making a personal friendship with all of them at once, and it is like you know personally all of them. To me the clients wearing my designs means they see my inspiration the same way I do and they understand my message of my collection. That’s all what it matters.

How would you define the style your line exemplifies?

This collection as its name says it ROCK’N’CLASSY is all about the differences; black and white, leather and silk, studs and chains; bold cuts, fitted silhouette, elegant length. I wanted to mix the rock edgy look with the elegant feminine beauty. A lot of skin showing, low neckline cuts, fitted silhouettes, skillfully mixed with elegant length and accessories, modest jewel necklines. I am confident that each mature female will once again feel her young wild herself and every young lady will experience her mature femininity side of her by wearing pieces from this collection.

What are some of your fashion goals?

As I said In my career I had a chance to work for very few reputable designers where I learn a lot and where I gain great knowledge but most importantly great confidence. Working for the best in the industry made me “grow up” professionally and start my own label. LAZAR line will be available in a few stores on St. Clair St., on Wellington St W. and in Yorkville -Toronto from August 2014. In some near future I would love LAZAR to have own store.

What other experience do you have in the fashion industry (stylist, retail, marketing, etc.)?

At this moment besides designing for LAZAR I also work as Color and Wardrobe stylist consultant building wardrobes for clients according their life style, their skin color/ season palette and their needs.

What are your favorite patterns/materials [prints] to work with and why?

I love to work with natural fibres such as silk, wool and fur. Through my designs I want to emphasize the female silhouette, female beauty and female power; so the fabrics of silk and wool with its drape, texture and touch are perfect to get it. Fur always gives luxury and power to the look so I want in each collection to bring little excitement and variety by adding some fur or leather pieces.

Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

You can check on

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