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Fashion week Brooklyn 2014: My Fabulous Puppy

My fabulous puppy rips the runway  at Fashion week Brooklyn 2014
my fabulous puppy

Pet fashion is a growing trend many pet owners treat their pets like an extension of the family pet fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry with pet owners spending increasingly more on fashion and luxury items. My Fabulous Puppy is a eco friendly designer lines for pet fashion who recently rip the runway in Brooklyn for Fashion week Brooklyn I caught up with the designer for a interview after the show.

Getthebuzz716:Tell me a little about your brand. Where are you from?

Myfabulouspuppy: I started my online boutique while living in Chicago fall of 2011. I recently relocated to Michigan to make my boutique a family run boutique. With my mother helping with packaging and my little niece just loves to help when sorting materials.

Getthebuzz716 :What does fashion week Brooklyn mean to me?

Myfabulouspuppy: It means a lot to be apart of fashion week Brooklyn. It allows for unknown talented artist like myself, to display their creations to the fashion industry. Fashion Week Brooklyn is great because it brings together a diverse group of designers. Also, its amazing that they would dedicate an entire night to Eco designers who help reduce carbon footprints.

Getthebuzz716 :-How would you define your brand?

Myfabulouspuppy: An American made upcycled luxury lifestyle brand of pet fashions. Our mission is to create Eco-conscious pet products that are made of re-purposed materials for fashion and function.

Getthebuzz716 :How long does it normally take to construct a piece?

Myfabulouspuppy: 20 minutes from start to finish

Getthebuzz716 :Describe the general process you go through to design and What's your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

Myfabulouspuppy: I like to start by using quality materials found at estate sales, thrift stores and even some donations. After cutting and sewing materials, they are ready to be photographed. Once they are all photographed they're uploaded to Etsy or set aside for local vendors to purchase. My favorite part is holding the finished product in my hands. It's really gratifying to see the concept come to life.

Getthebuzz716 :What matters to you most as a designer?

Myfabulouspuppy: I would have to say the quality of the pet fashions. The worst is buying something you love and it falls apart. No matter if you spent a lot or not, quality always has the utmost importance when designing.

Getthebuzz716 :What do you believe makes a quality design?

Myfabulouspuppy:I believe the construction process is what makes a quality design.

Getthebuzz716 :How would you define the style your line exemplifies?

Myfabulouspuppy: Because I do use upcycled materials my line exemplifies many different styles such as preppy (Plaid sweaters and shirts), classic (Houndstooth sweaters and coats) and traditional (Cable knit sweaters and button down shirts).

Getthebuzz716 :What are some of your fashion goals?

MyFabulouspuppy: A few of my goals consist of continuing to grow my brand national. Landing a big box pet store to carry my products is a major goal of mine. It would be really amazing to have a stylist pull some of my looks for a movie that features fashionable pets.

Getthebuzz716 :What other experience do you have in the fashion industry?

Myfabulouspuppy:Visual Merchandiser at Macy's and Fashion Design Internship at Scarlet Designs

Getthebuzz716 :What are your favorite patterns/materials [prints] to work with and why?

Myfabulouspuppy: My favorite prints are Houndstooth and Argyle. I absolutely love love classic prints because they never go out style. Favorite materials to work with are lambs wool and cashmere. I choose those two materials because they maximize the amount of heat a pet will hold close to their bodies on cold days and nights.

Getthebuzz716 :Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

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