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Fascinating Bhutan lures travelers seeking peace and quiet

Bhutan is a terrific area to view impressive entertainment
Bhutan is a terrific area to view impressive entertainment
Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Sometimes referred to as "The Last Shangri La," Bhutan is a small hermetic kingdom in the Himalayan Mountains, sandwiched between India and China. Over the past few years, an increasing number of travelers have become interested in the country as a vacation destination due to its natural splendor and quaint charm.

The Birth of Bhutan Tourism

In 1991, Bhutan travel was privatized; however, all travel agents in the tiny kingdom strongly adhere to the Bhutan Royal Government’s policy of high value tourism. The tourism industry itself focuses on sustainability rather than volume, which is a great advantage to Bhutan visitors, as large crowds and overbooking do not occur. For this reason one can enjoy a tranquil and relaxing vacation, regardless of when he or she chooses to visit the country.

Attractions and Activities

The creation of the world’s largest statue of Guru Rinpoche was undertaken at the beginning of the century by The Druk Odiyana Foundation. Once the construction of the statue is completed, it will be a major tourist attraction in Bhutan, as well as a religious site for many in the Buddhist world.

From its lowland jungles to its alpine highlands, Bhutan offers a vast array of landscapes and scenery for those who enjoy sightseeing and hiking. The Bhutan government exercised conservation measures long before the rest of the world realized the impact of such efforts, and as a result Bhutan boasts natural forests, plains and jungles that have remained virtually untouched for over a thousand years.

The Bhutan tourism industry also depends on the beauty of the area to lure travelers from various countries. Mountain biking expeditions and nature walks are popular among Bhutan vacationers as well, and many beautiful trails can be found on the Indian border. The most popular trail runs from Paro to Thimphu, according to the Asian Bureau of Tourism. Regardless of which activities and attractions a visitor finds appealing, he or she will surely have an unforgettable experience in fascinating Bhutan.