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Farting cows cause shed to explode: Cow suffers burns in flatulence mishap

Who knew cow farts could be so dangerous? Apparently 90 cows passing gas in tight quarters was like a ticking time bomb because when the buildup of their methane gas exploded, it blew part of the roof of their shed to bits. According to the Huffington Post on Jan. 28, as strange as it sounds, "Farting cows make barn explode in Germany."

Cow farts cause one big explosion after a buildup of methane gas explodes and takes a piece of their shed's roof off.
Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images

It seems that just a spark of static electricity was all it took to ignite the cow flatulence into an explosion, which was strong enough to blow apart a piece of the roof on the shed that they were housed in. These German cows are all alive with just one cow suffering burns when the explosion briefly shot out some flames.

Cow farts have been blamed as a culprit in global warming, but today they sound as if they can also cause more of an immediate danger. Apparently when concentrated in one area the methane gas the cows expel are like TNT if ignited!

Did you know that one cow passes enough methane gas to fill up 400 one liter bottles in one day? How they measured this, or more to the point, who measured this is unknown, but that is a lot of gas! This little bit of trivia doesn’t conjure up the best of visuals, but one might say that it seems like the right time to pass this along!

It sounds as if this could be a one –word lesson for cattle ranchers’ worldwide, “ventilation.”

Check out the video above and see how scientists plan to study the methane gas that cows produce by fitting the cattle with measuring devices.

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