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Farrow & Ball: the art of color


As beautiful as an interior may be, it cannot hold true as a home if the owner’s personality is nowhere to be found. In Farrow & Ball: The Art of Color, one finds in 256 beautifully illustrated and spellbinding pages, the heart of what gives a home its true nature. In a widely diverse array of exterior styles of all shapes and sizes--from castles to cottages--the book walks through interiors redone by top designers who have adorned walls with inspiring color schemes and myriad textures to evoke their indescribable character. Of these, perhaps the most breathtaking is by designer Tom Helme, former managing director of Farrow & Ball, who demonstrates every facet of his gift in the spaces of his own home. In ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE CHARM, the designer converts the structures of Mount Orleans--once a working farm--to modern motifs that stimulate the senses. In the breakfast room, a calfskin-topped oak bar with a trio of nineteenth-century rock crystal obelisks is spitting distance from a nouveau ostrich leather stool.  

Block Print Stripe in blue and white give the English Country breakfast room a Gustavian sensibility. The painting c.1940 is by a relative of the designer. 
Farrow & Ball, the Art of Color by Brian D. Coleman features a variety of homes ranging from classic to contemporary—from a Manhattan designer’s classically furnished pre-war apartment in New York City to a picturesque cottage on the coast of Maine. Beautifully illustrated pages offer tours of homes, castles and lofts with visually stunning interiors and inspiring color schemes, and underscore the importance of applying the right color in successful design. The book is rich with varied motifs, including global and regional themes that span the continent. Chapters on homes from Miami to Maine, Canada to California offer such widely varied schemes as Farrow & Ball’s Yankee hues of Dorset Cream and Rectory Red, and historically inspired Ointment Pink, an early-nineteenth-century color based on scrapings from the dining room at Calke Abbey. Hundreds of colors for historic and contemporary interiors provide a perfect complement for the contents of a room. Gibbs Smith Publisher ISBN 10:1-4236-0010-X 

TRADITIONAL TUDOR UPDATE IN LOS ANGELES - Somewhere in the postcard-pretty foothills just north of Los Angeles, an historic Tudor finds new life with a fresh look that embraces its past and splashes its once-somber walls with a soft panache. Designer Kim Alexandriuk treated the original 1940s rooms with careful yet unconventional combinations that converted dark to light and created inviting gathering spaces while downplaying the smallness of the rooms. With its proximity to Hollywood, the home engaged a vibrant theme that defies the tame traditions of the pre-war era with a confluence of sensibilities. Urbane and slightly rustic, the plan displays a freshly scrubbed vintage look, authentic to the bone yet artfully galactic in its partnerships of bold and quiet. 

Calm palettes were chosen for each of the rooms to bring light inside and enhance the owner’s important collection of modern art and photographs. Farrow & Balls's Creamy Dimity was chosen for the ceiling and walls in the master bath to create a subtle and serene environment. Wainscoting painted in All White lends authentic architectural interest and complements a gallery of photographs by Edward Boubat, William Klein, Willy Ronis and Robert Doisneau. 

Italian engraved terracotta floor pavers pick up the historic, pre-war tones of the creamy, butter-hued walls.

Photographs by Edward Addeo from Farrow & Ball: The Art of Color by Brian D. Coleman.  Reprinted with permission by Gibbs Smith, Publisher.

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