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Farrah Franklin from Destiny's Child arrested on disorderly conduct charge

The three got drunk together but the football players called the cops on Ms. Franklin
The three got drunk together but the football players called the cops on Ms. Franklin
kimerydavis / photo on flickr

Farrah Franklin, former Destiny’s Child member, was arrested on Sunday in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach on a disorderly conduct charge. According to a report made by The Financial Express which was reported on July 22, the 33-year-old former member of the R & B group was booked into the Horry County jail just before 5 in the morning on the disorderly conduct charge. However, she was released a few hours later after she posted a $280 bond.

According to MTV, the former member of the group was partying with two NFL players and got drunk. Apparently, according to the report, the three of them flew to South Carolina, Myrtle Beach to Houston Texans outside linebacker, Ricky Sapp’s home. Things got out of hand after they had a few drinks and the cops were called on Franklin by the football players. She then hurried out of the home.

The two football players told the police that she was screaming and slamming doors and refused to stop when they asked her to. This is why they called the police. When she realized they called the police, she ran from the home.

The cops then found her very drunk lying in a neighbor’s yard when she told them she planned on sleeping in the woods. They the arrested her for the disorderly conduct charge but she was later released after she posted her own bond.

However, she didn’t let the arrest get her down. Apparently, after she was released and went to the airport, she posted an inspirational quote on Instagram, “May the Lord turn all your sour moments into sweet lemonade.”

What do you think about this disorderly conduct charge on the former member of Destiny’s Child? It just goes to show celebrities are not immortal like they think they are and can get arrested just like the rest of us can.

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