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Farrah Abraham's video for reportedly stolen song reaches one million views

Farrah Abraham may be in hot water over new song
Photo by Michael Buckner

Farrah Abraham has tried her hand at many different things including music. The former “Teen Mom” seems to enjoy singing and after releasing a soundtrack to accompany her memoir, Farrah has released a second song and video. According to a March 25 report, the video has reached 1 million views, but the former “Teen Mom” may end up in some hot water over her song about bullying.

According to Fish Wrapper, Farrah Abraham collaborated with a man named Adam Barta on the song “Blowin’” which was originally titled “Bully.” The song talks about overcoming hate and the accompanying video shows Farrah Abraham dancing around. While she has been promoting her video via social networking, she has not once mentioned the man who allegedly owns 45% of the song.

In case you are wondering what proof there is, Fish Wrapper revealed an exclusive document signed by both Farrah Abraham and Adam Barta. Under the performance part of the agreement it states that the song is a duet and in order for either Farrah Abraham or Adam Barta to perform it on their own, they need permission from the other. It seems that Farrah Abraham may not have had that permission from Adam Barta.

Farrah Abraham has not said anything about the reports, but a representative for the former “Teen Mom” said, “"We are not currently aware of any legal issues. To the extent that there are any, we will address them if necessary."

It is interesting to note that Farrah Abraham does follow Adam Barta on Twitter.

Although the video has over 1 million views, it has less than stellar comments on YouTube. Despite the negative comments, Farrah Abraham continues to promote the video on her social networking sites.

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