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Farrah Abraham: The 'Teen Mom' adult film star takes to the pole as a stripper

Now Farrah Abraham can cross stripper off of her bucket list.
Photo by Michael Buckner

It would seem Farrah Abraham is not happy unless she is in the spotlight and half naked while there. The former “Teen Mom” turned double-duty porn star as taken to the pole as a stripper, originally for research, but now as a paying gig reported the Inquisitr Sunday.

The 23-year-old reality TV star is not yet done with her five minutes of fame. Farrah Abraham capitalized on two adult films from Vivid Entertainment. The first with boyfriend/leading man James Deen, “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom,” was allegedly “leaked” and the second, “Farrah 2: Backdoor and More,” have the couple at play amid three various fetish themes. When the news first broke last week that the “Teen Mom” was working at an Austin strip club, Abraham claimed it was for research, “like Jennifer Aniston.” No, Farrah, you are nothing like Jennifer Aniston.

Palazio's Men's Club based out of Austin, Texas hired Farrah Abraham in July as a cocktail waitress. She quickly advanced to stripper, performing on all three stages, one main and two sides. The former “Teen Mom” told E! News a friend of hers works at the club and helped her get the job for “research.” Abraham wanted to learn all of the ins-and-outs of the world of stripping from “cocktailing to dancing and management to cooking.” The adult film actress then had the impudence to compare herself to America’s Sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston, “It's job shadowing that I hope pays off. In the same way Jennifer Aniston researched her role as a stripper, that's what I'm doing. It's how I get the information to write my books and do my movies.” She couldn’t elaborate on what projects are in the works, but the question remains, what movies? Porn?

Farrah Abraham became very popular at the Austin strip club with an insider reporting the men were “swarming the stage, and she was actually quite good.” Apparently, because the hot new stripper told RadarOnline she was offered a “$544,000 agreement to be celebrity house feature.” Abraham went on to say how grateful she was for the opportunity, “I’ve learned that this industry has class, strength, and has taught me life skills to better myself for my daughter’s future.”

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