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Farrah Abraham slapped with cease and desist letter from Vivid

Farrah was slapped with a cease and desist letter from Vivid Entertainment for breach of contract.
Photo by Michael Buckner

On Feb. 28 Radar Online shares a copy of the cease and desist letter that Steve Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment emailed to Farrah in regards to her claims of being drugged and raped while touring for her film "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom."

In the letter that Radar obtained, it claims that Farrah's claims are unsubstantiated and baseless. Not to mention, they are a breach of contract and defamatory toward the company. Furthermore, if Farrah doesn't immediately discontinue with these claims, they will take legal action. Hirsch also details in the letter that "once again," -- since she's made derogatory remarks before in regards to the company and her involvement, they are disappointed in her continued misconduct that "frustrates her duty of good faith and fair dealings as an adult actress for Vivid."

If Farrah continues to make unsubstantiated claims, she will be in breach of contract and they plan to take legal action against her since she has failed to respond to other attempts Vivid has made to derail her and her claims. Namely, Vivid requested that Farrah take a lie detector test with the caveat that if she failed she would publicly have to state as much and forfeit all past and future royalties from her two movies.

Farrah didn't respond to the request, which many claim already proves, at least to most of the public, that she is guilty of not telling the truth, not to mention that she likely doesn't have the money to return from past royalties if/when she failed the polygraph.

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