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Farrah Abraham's father speaks out about abuse allegations

Farrah Abraham's father, Michael Abraham, is speaking out about Farrah's claims of abuse as a child.
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

On Feb. 9 HNGN reports that Michael Abraham, Farrah Abraham's father, is stepping out of the shadows to face head-on Farrah's claims of abuse that she endured as a child. Michael lives in Farrah's guest house on her property so that he can care for her daughter Sophia while she is away for various endeavors.

On Facebook, Michael claims that he was never perfect and does love Farrah and does what he can for her and her daughter. He says that his prayer for himself is to be a positive person in Farrah's life and be the father she needs now to live a healthy and happy life.

Farrah claims that growing up she was beat with a belt until scars, welts, bruises, and cuts formed. The turning point that ended the abuse for Farrah was in 2010 when she got in a fight with her mother that landed her mom, Debra Danielson in jail. While these claims to be somewhat true as Farrah's father has stepped out and owned up to them, many are still skeptical as Farrah has been caught in many lies that she continues to claim are true even after proof has been released saying otherwise. What many find to be the most disbelieving is that if these claims are true, why does Farrah allow her four-year old daughter to remain in his care while she's away?

What do you think of Michael Abraham owning up to these claims of abusing Farrah as a child?

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