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Farrah Abraham reveals that sex tape ruined her life

Farrah Abraham
Photo by Jeff Schear

Farrah Abraham made a sex tape thinking that it would make her career skyrocket and assuming it would be a good thing. This could not be further than the truth. On Jan. 8, Radar Online revealed that Farrah is now saying this tape actually ruined her life and she regrets making it now.

It has now been eight months since she made this film. She says that if she could go back in time she would have never made the film. Farrah says that knowing it was out there for everyone to see was a bit overwhelming for her. It made her not even want to go out and show her face in public.

She now says that therapy has helped her out a lot. Farrah can help her daughter to make better choices than she did and she also now realizes she is worth a lot more than just that girl on the sex tape. It is great to see that she is moving on past all of this and doing well.

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