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Farrah Abraham reveals ‘Couples Therapy’ surprises: ‘Teen Mom’ update

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham
Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1

Farrah Abraham has returned to “Couples Therapy” for the show’s special all-star reunion, but the former “Teen Mom” star has a surprise for viewers. Radar Online reports on Wednesday that she is getting therapy alone. Although she is joined by multiple celebrity couples, she insists that being alone makes her happy.

Abraham claims “Couples Therapy” is still providing her with a valuable experience that affects her life. She may be secretly wishing she was in a relationship, but she tries not to let viewers see this possibility. Abraham is adamant she has changed since her days on “Teen Mom” and is trying to be a better mother.

After watching the all-star reunion of “Couples Therapy,” some fans may be left wondering if Abraham has really become a different person. Although she is able to end her feud with Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra thanks to Dr. Jenn, she seems to have created a new enemy in Tashaunda “Tiny” Hailey. Abraham has not provided more details about their fight, but it may have continued after the cameras were gone.

Abraham tried to warn viewers that the reunion would be explosive, and the tension among some of the couples was not missing. Some fans mocked her lack of a boyfriend on the show. However, she states she loves herself and is happy with her current situation.

Abraham has a new project that may be helping her avoid thinking about dating. She is homeschooling her daughter Sophia instead of using a traditional school. The reality star previously indicated she would send her daughter to kindergarten, but she has changed her mind. Abraham explains she works from home, so she is able to spend a lot of time with her daughter. She is working on a schedule to make sure Sophia’s education does not suffer.