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Farrah Abraham releases new music single 'Blowin'

Farrah Abraham has released a new music single called "Blowin."
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

On March 17 In Touch Magazine reports that Farrah Abraham has released another single called, "Blowin". Farrah says that the song is about showing up her bullies and what it means to live as you want without being held back by others.

Of course, Farrah made a music video to go along with her song, and of course Sophia is in it as well. She isn't as prominently featured in this video as her previous one released in 2012. Farrah says that she hopes that Sophia will learn something from it in the end.

While this is Farrah's second attempt at music, she says that she doesn't want to make a career out of it, that it's just more of a hobby for her. She just enjoys making music so if she finds something that she's passionate enough about it, she'll sing it.

Many hope that Farrah gives up while she is still somewhat ahead, because her singing voice leaves something to be desired for and there is so much synthesizing in the song that it's difficult on the ears.

Have you heard Farrah's new song? What did you think?

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