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Farrah Abraham: 'I was drugged and raped more than once'

Many find anything that Farrah Abraham says hard to believe because she's been caught in so many lies.
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Many find anything that former "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham says to be hard to believe because she's been caught in so many lies. This is why it makes it doubly hard to believe that the Feb. 5 IBTimes report that claims Farrah was drugged and raped more than once while working the adult film industry is hard to believe.

There is no question that being drugged and raped doesn't happen in the adult film world, but whether it happened to Farrah is questionable. The single mom of one says that while she was working the circuit promoting her adult film "Back Door Teen Mom" in strip clubs and adult film conventions, she let the wrong kind of people into her life and it was a very dark time for her. There is no doubt about that as there are many legal issues that have surrounded her contract in the adult film industry. Because of these binding contracts, there is much of the story that nobody knows about, however, many find her claims to be unbelievable.

In the telling interview where Farrah shared this information, she also opened up about her home life saying that she was abused by her parents Michael Abraham and Deborah Danielson. If this is true, then why would Farrah have found it acceptable to leave her daughter with her parents, knowing that she could have landed the same fate that Farrah lived of being beat with a belt if she acted out?

There is simply something about Farrah Abraham's story that just doesn't seem to add up. Do you believe Farrah's story or is it simply more of Farrah trying to get attention?

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