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Farrah Abraham has been offered $544,000 for a stripping gig

Farrah Abraham has surfaced as one of the most sought after strippers in the world. Abraham has signed a $544,000 contract for a stripping gig reported Inquisitr on Aug. 16, 2014. Abraham has become so popular as a stripper at the Palazio Gentlemen’s Club in Austin that she's been offered a $544,000 contract to become the club’s celebrity house feature.

Farrah Abraham attends the 'The Hungover Games' cast party
Photo by Michael Buckner

Abraham has signed the deal and has said she is excited that what first began as a research project turned out to be an amazing opportunity. Abraham claims that she first began working at the club in July in order to research roles for movie parts. Abraham once said she did not want to make a career out of stripping, but was instead interested in getting information to help her write books and take new movie roles.

Abraham is now stripping for the really big bucks reports Radar Online. Abraham has been slammed by her critics for her
stripping gig at Palazio Gentlemen’s Club which is located in Austin. However, Abraham says that she’s excited about
her new gig because she’s getting paid really big bucks.

Abraham is very excited about her new offer. She says she has discovered the stripper industry has class, strength, and
has taught her life skills to better herself for her daughter’s future. Abraham claims Palazio Gentlemen’s Club has shown her and other women how they should be respected, treated and cared for and that they should not settle for less.

BeBe Montgomery, manager of Palazio, says he hired Abraham to work as a waitress about a month ago and then they discussed her career. Abraham decided to make a switch to dancing. Than came the six figure offer. Bookings to see Abraham can be made only via the club’s managers and take place on Wednesday and Fridays through the end of December. It costs $2,500 for an hour or $500 for 10 minutes showing just how incredibly popular she is.

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