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Farrah Abraham hacked: Reality star blames Fox News for website hack

Farrah Abraham
Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Farrah Abraham had her website hacked the other day and now she thinks she knew who did it. The whole reasons she feels that way is kind of odd. On Friday, The Hollywood Gossip shared the news that someone hacked her Froco Fresh Frozen website the other day and put sexual pictures of her all over it.

Now she is blaming Fox News and says that she thinks that they might have done it. Somehow the news site found out about it being hacked before Farrah Abraham was able to find out. That doesn't mean anything but this reality star thinks that they could have been the one who did the hacking considering they knew about it right away.

She feels like whoever told the story first must be the one who did it. That logic makes no sense at all but somehow Farrah Abraham thinks that it is just fine. It is really easy to assume that she is wrong about this one. There is no reason that a big news outlet like this would want to do this to her website.

Fox News shared that her website was hacked. This site is for a frozen yogurt shop that she has opened. It is a very family friendly place. It looks like she is getting her act together but someone wants people to remember the person that she was before. Farrah wouldn't return requests for a comment to Fox News. It must be because she thinks that they are the ones who did this to her.

It is still unknown at this time who actually hacked Farrah Abraham's website. Someone decided it was a good idea to get in there and change everything around. It is pretty easy to figure out that Fox News was not the one behind it all but for some reason Farrah Abraham thinks that it was them.

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