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Farrah Abraham doesn't respond to Vivid's $1 mil. polygraph test

Farrah didn't respond to Vivid's $1 mil. polygraph test offer, which SEO Steve Hirsch, expected.
Photo by Michael Buckner

On Feb. 20 The Hollywood Gossip reports that Farrah Abraham didn't respond to Vivid Entertainment's $1 mil. polygraph test. Instead, she only offered a response from her lawyer of "no comment."

Vivid Entertainment's CEO, Steve Hirsch, says he expected nothing less of Farrah. He says that everyone knows that Farrah loves money but then, when she gets called out on her lies, she is nowhere to be found and doesn't accept the responsibility of owning up to those lies that she tells.

It was recently made known that Farrah made another $93,000 for the release of her second skin flick "Farrah: Backdoor and More." Of course she will also receive royalties for the film as well. Nobody is surprised that Farrah didn't respond to Vivid, and her silence is deafening and also seals her fate as a liar. If ever there was a solidifying act, this was it. Many are considering Farrah to be guilty by omission which still means that she is lying and now it's well known, not to mention, she can't be trusted.

Are you surprised that Farrah didn't respond to the challenge?

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