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Farrah Abraham could be living in model home: ‘Teen Mom’ update

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Farrah Abraham may be living in a model home, and there are questions about the mansion that has appeared on the recent “Teen Mom” special. The Daily Athenaeum reports on Feb. 25 that Abraham is still proud of her tape and does not feel any shame, but she did not discuss her current living arrangements in detail.

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The “Being Farrah” special featured a mansion in Texas that was occupied by Abraham, but the reality television star has admitted to struggling with her finances in the past. Abraham shared that her father is living in a guest house behind her mansion since her parents divorced. Her father was also recently downsized from his job, and it is not clear if he has found another one. However, she did not explain why she only moved into the house shortly before the special had to be filmed or how long she planned to stay in it.

Tracie Egan Morrissey suggests that the Texas mansion in the “Teen Mom” special may actually be a model home and has found photos that show how it was originally staged. It does not appear that Abraham has made many changes to the house because she has kept the same furniture, accessories and other pieces. However, it seems that Abraham may have either purchased the home or rented it. The reality star is interested in building a new life in Austin with her daughter.


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