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Farmington schools athletic fees increase

If you have a budding athlete in your family that attends Farmington Public Schools, you'll be shelling out as much as $300 next year. That's the new annual pay-to-play fee for high school students to participate in any sport, up from $100 this year. The cost for middle school students, including upper elementary fifth- and sixth-graders, is $150 next year, up from $50.

The school board voted in the changes 6-1 at last night's meeting.

Other changes in the athletic program for next year include eliminating return bussing for away events, not purchasing any new uniforms next year, reducing equipment costs, eliminating intradistrict bussing, eliminating funding for invitational events and off-site facility use, and increasing event ticket prices by $1.

Board member Deborah Brauer voted no on the changes, saying she doesn't disagree with pay-to-play sports or even with the fee increase, but she objects to eliminating return bussing and would like to see the fee broken up by term so families don't have to pay $300 all at once.

The next board meeting is June 8 at the Lewis Schulman Center and will include a public hearing on next year's school budget.


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