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‘Farmhouse Rules’ spends ‘Poker Night With Aunt Jean’ on Food Network

Nancy preparing quesadillas on Farmhouse Rules
Nancy preparing quesadillas on Farmhouse Rules
"Photo courtesy of Food Network, used with permission."

Today’s episode of “Farmhouse Rules” with Nancy Fuller was titled “Poker Night With Aunt Jean.” This farm girl from Upstate New York is here to teach others how being raised on farm instilled in her the values of serving and eating good food. The recipes, called rules, have been in her family for generations. Now she has a chance to share these tasty treats with her fans and teach them something too. Nancy has been a chef and caterer for over twenty-five years and as a mother of six and grandmother of thirteen, she is crazy about her city boy hubby, David.

In this episode Nancy’s Aunt Jean is visiting from Las Vegas, and in her honor, she is hosting a poker night with several friends from the neighborhood. Because Aunt Jean loves Mexican food, Nancy is making the food with a Mexican theme just for her. The menu includes: Chorizo Quesadillas with Easy Homemade Salsa, Buffalo Mexican Shrimp Skewers, Nancy's Pomegranate Guacamole and topping it off, Full House Martinis. To find the recipes for this episode, go here.

Nancy gave viewers a glimpse into Aunt Jean, who came to live with Nancy’s family when she was growing up. Aunt Jean is Nancy’s mothers seventeen-year younger sister, who was more like an older sister to Nancy than an aunt. She loves her Aunt Jean, who would give you the shirt off her back, but when playing poker, will take that shirt of your back. The night should be filled with fun, lots of laughter and delicious food.

After making the guacamole, Nancy went to visit her friend Derrick, who owns a farm and recently started making apple vodka known as Core Vodka. He even gave Nancy a tour of the distillery where he made this delicious apple blend.

When she returned home, Nancy started the chorizo for the quesadillas and while it was browning, she started the salsa. When Aunt Jean arrived, she put her to work helping with the Buffalo shrimp skewers. Aunt Jean is another wonderful cook, and when she arrived, she had an envelope filled with pictures of Nancy and their family. Nancy was a child in most of them and as one could see, farm living agreed with her throughout her entire life.

When David arrived with his two friends, both named Russ, the food and drinks were served first, then they sat down with their treats and started playing poker. They had a great time, and in the end, Nancy had three aces and was ready to reel in the pot, when David also had three aces, put pulled a full house with a pair of sevens, leaving Nancy and the rest of the gang high and dry. However, there were no losers here, as each had fun and delicious food and drinks on this episode of “Farmhouse Rules.”

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