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‘Farmhouse Rules’ spends Mother’s Day with family on Food Network

Nancy Fuller star of Farmhouse Rules on Food Network
Nancy Fuller star of Farmhouse Rules on Food Network
"Photo courtesy of Food Network, used with permission."

Today’s episode of “Farmhouse Rules” with Nancy Fuller was titled “Early Birds.” Nancy is a farm girl from Upstate New York and is here to teach others how being raised on farm instilled in her the values of serving and eating good food. The recipes, called rules, have been in her family for generations. Now she has a chance to share these tasty treats with her fans and teach them something too. Nancy has been a chef and caterer for over twenty-five years and as a mother of six and grandmother of thirteen, she is crazy about her city boy hubby, David.

In this episode, Nancy is having three generations of family for a breakfast feast; her daughter Nina, her sister-in-law Beverly and her mother Eleanor, who Nancy calls Mother. To feed these early birds, Nancy is making a hearty Sausage, Spinach and Potato Tart, Citrus Salad with Pistachios & Maple Vinaigrette and to wash it all down, she is making Nita Marys, which are Bloody Marys with tequila, garnished with bacon wrapped pickles.

To start the day, she is letting her daughter Nita sleep, giving her a reprieve from her four kids, who went camping with their father, who is not a camper. As she dices up a potato for the tart, then as they boil on the stove, she takes the sausage meat and cooks it thoroughly. Adding spinach and green onions, she prepares the eggs with a whisk to get them nice and fluffy. As she preps the rest of the ingredients, she removes the tart that was baking for thirty minutes.

Afterwards Nancy took off to The Farm at Miller’s Crossing to get some fresh maple syrup, so she can make blueberry syrup for Buttermilk Pancakes, and using some of that syrup for the dressing on the salad. Chris and Katie run the operation and explained to Nancy and the viewers just how the syrup is procured and cooked down to syrup quality and bottled. Nancy took two big jugs.

When she returned, Nita was awake and ready for a delicious meal and to help make the rest of the feast. When time was drawing near, Nancy made the pancakes from scratch while Nita made the blueberry syrup, under her mother’s supervision. Nita is not a cook, and her husband Bill does all the cooking in the house. How she escaped from a mother like Nancy without learning how to cook is a mystery.

As they sat down to enjoy the scrumptious meal, they gave thanks for the love of family and to have them all together. Nita gave thanks for the extra sleep she got, and Nancy gave thanks to Beverly for sharing her mother with Nancy. What a wonderful treat for these four women, and Happy Mother’s Day to them all on this episode of “Farmhouse Rules.”

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