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‘Farmhouse Rules’ spends ‘Game Night In’ on Food Network

Nancy Fuller star of Farmhouse Rules with her hubby David
Nancy Fuller star of Farmhouse Rules with her hubby David
"Photo courtesy of Cooking Channel, used with permission."

Today’s episode of “Farmhouse Rules,” stars Nancy Fuller, the born and raised farm girl from Upstate New York is titled “Game Night In.” Her recipes called “rules” are family recipes handed down from generations. Now through the magic of television, she can share these tasty treats with viewers and teach them some rules too.

In this episode, Nancy is making a feast for her brother-in-law Ira and his wife Beverly. Ira is her husband David’s brother. They live in the South, so it is going to be an extra special get together. Nancy will be making Beef Wellington, something that looks difficult, but she tells viewers, it is surprisingly easy to put together, a delicious beet salad and for dessert, Baked Alaska. Find Nancy’s recipes from this episode here.

Nancy took a trip into town to visit her favorite wine shop, and her friend Michael, who always knows the proper wine to serve. She told him about the awesome feast she is preparing, and he regretted that he was not invited. She wants something dry, smooth and silky. He recommended two, and she chose the Grenache from 2006.

Now to prepare the Beef Wellington. She first seasoned the beef tenderloin and browned it in a pan. Then sautéed shallots and mushroom paste. She made mustard and horseradish sauce for the next step and slathered it all over the beef. As it was cooling in the refrigerator, she finished up the mushroom mixture. She chopped fresh parsley, added two tablespoons of cream and two tablespoons of bread crumbs, and let it cool too.

She later made the Baked Alaska, and let viewers in a little secret; it is easy and only sounds difficult because of the fancy name. She then made the puff pastry for the Wellington. Just about everything she makes is from scratch, and she always makes it look so easy. However, she has been making things from scratch before there were mixes, and would not have it any other way. When the pastry dough was ready, she took the cooled meat and spread the mushroom mixture on one side, then gently turning it over on top of the pastry, she spread it on the other side. Making a quick egg wash, she next spread it on the inside edges and covered the meat. With the rest of the egg wash, she spread it over the outside and cut a few vent holes in the top of the covered meat and sprinkled kosher salt across the top.

She took the brownie mixture out of the oven to cool and put the beef in the oven on 400 degrees, just in time to see Ira and Bev walking through the door.

To prepare the Baked Alaska, she took a stainless bowl and cut around the brownie so it was the proper size, then she lined the bowl with plastic wrap and added the semi-melted ice cream, and topped it with the cut brownie, making sure to pack it in well. This will go in the freezer for a few hours to make sure it gets nice and hard.

She previously roasted beets for the salad, and after making the dressing, added the beets so they could marinate in the delicious mixture. Adding raw spinach, goat cheese and walnuts, it was a colorful delight that was enjoyed by all.

She made the meringue for the Baked Alaska and covered it with the frozen ice cream mixture. Then she took a torch and added the finishing touches to the dessert. After a game of charades, and a few glasses of wine, a great time was had by all on this episode of “Farmhouse Rules.”

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