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‘Farmhouse Rules’ goes on an ‘Antique Hunt’ on Food Network

Nancy Fuller star of Farmhouse Rules
"Photo courtesy of Food Network, used with permission."

Today’s season two premiere episode of “Farmhouse Rules,” with Nancy Fuller, the born and raised farm girl from Upstate New York is titled “Antique Hunt.” Her recipes called “rules” are farm recipes handed down from generations. Now through the magic of television, she can share these tasty treats with viewers and teach them some rules too.

In this delightful episode, Nancy has a day all to herself and goes on the hunt for antique kitchen items, some of the most treasured antiques. She first takes the time to prep her Chile-Braised Short Ribs. Once they are in the oven, so she has a few hours to go antiquing. Find all the recipes on the website with the above recipe.

She went to the antique shop in Hudson, N.Y. for the time of her life, meeting her friend Jocie, who owns the Red Chair Antique Shop. Nancy was surprised to find a whole new grouping of antiques, including a Dutch cake plate on a pedestal, a vintage egg beater and a pan to bake Madeleines from about 1940; she also found a Wonder Shredder, from long ago.

When she got home, she used the shredder to shred cheese for her stovetop macaroni and cheese, that looked so mouthwatering delicious, and paired with the succulent short ribs, it had to be jealousy from all viewing this spectacle.

Once she enjoyed the wonderful dinner, she then got the energy to make the Madeleines. As she added each ingredient, she gave reasons why they should be added and mixed as such. Once the Madeleines were out of the oven and cooling, she then made herself an Irish coffee to have with the dessert. After all, it is not often that Nancy gets to cook for just herself, so she enjoyed every minute of her solace.

As she made the Irish coffee, she added a generous amount of Irish whiskey and peppermint schnapps and Irish crème. What a great day she had on this episode of “Farmhouse Rules.”

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