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‘Farmhouse Rules’ go ‘Fly Fishing’ on Food Network

Nancy & hubby David of Farmhouse Rules
Nancy & hubby David of Farmhouse Rules
"Photo courtesy of Food Network, used with permission."

On today’s episode of “Farmhouse Rules,” Nancy Fuller, the born and raised farm girl from Upstate New York is serving and eating good food. Her recipes called rules have been handed down for generations. Nancy has been a chef and caterer for over twenty-five years and as a mother of six and grandmother of thirteen, she is still madly in love with her city boy hubby, David and loves feeding the masses.

In this episode titled, “Fly Fishing,” Nancy is going fly fishing with her son John, son-in-law Bill and her friend Pam. It is trout season, and if they are fortunate enough to catch dinner, Nancy will be making awesome recipes with the freshest fish. She will be making Bacon Wrapped Trout, Asparagus with Creamy Tarragon Vinaigrette, White Wine Sangria and for dessert, Peanut Butter Cookies. To find the featured recipes click here.

So before the fishing expedition, Nancy made the Peanut Butter Cookies. After the 18 minutes, she took them out to cool and headed down to the creek. She immediately called a contest for the girls against the boys. Pam had her secret weapon with her; her awesome lures, and the girls caught two to the boys one.

Back at home, Nancy was ready to cook the two fish she had, that her son John cleaned for her. Then she prepared an herb mixture she stuffed inside, and wrapped them in bacon and stuck a lemon under the bacon. She has a beehive oven that is connected to her chimney, but a conventional oven will work just as well.

She roasted asparagus and made a vinaigrette dressing for them, whipped up a white sangria and served up the peanut butter cookies to her hubby and as a surprise, she has strawberry jelly to spread on the cookies and served the entire meal as she always does; with love on this episode of “Farmhouse Rules.”