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‘Farmhouse Rules’ celebrates a ‘Fuller Farm Fest’ on Food Network

Nancy and grandkids from Farmhouse Rules
Nancy and grandkids from Farmhouse Rules
"Photo courtesy of Food Network, used with permission."

On today’s episode of “Farmhouse Rules,” Nancy Fuller, the born and raised farm girl from Upstate New York is serving and eating good food. Her recipes are called rules, and these rules have been handed down for generations. Nancy has been a chef and caterer for over twenty-five years and as a mother of six and grandmother of thirteen, she is still madly in love with her city boy hubby, David.

In this episode titled, “Fuller Farm Fest,” Nancy and David are celebrating the twentieth year living in their house, and have invited friends and family to join in the festivities. Nancy is making the first meal she ever made in that house, Beer Braised Beef, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Buttered Mint Peas. After dinner the games will begin, but win or lose, everyone is a winner when they get to have her delicious dessert; Ice Cream Sundaes with Homemade Caramel Sauce and Cookies ‘n’ Cream Crumbles. To find the featured recipes click here.

Back when Nancy got the house, there were tractors on it, and for fun, they would have tractor races, so to commemorate that event, they will have tractor races again. As Nancy chopped up the veggies for the beef she was making, she told the story about how they got the farmhouse. After she made an offer on it, David called the realtor and reneged on the offer. But Nancy is a tough lady, and the rest is history.

Nancy started making the sides after she put the meat in the oven. She boiled the Yukon Gold potatoes with skin on, and mashed them with sour cream. The peas were in the freezer since spring, and were as good as just picked. When the families sat down to eat this delicious meal, they were loving every minute.

After dinner, they held the tractor races on the spacious farm. For their treat, Nancy brought out the ice cream, toppings and her delicious caramel sauce and cookie crumbles, so everyone could make their own sundaes on this episode of “Farmhouse Rules.”