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Farmers markets to have easier setup

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Official county approval on taking an outlying county location to sell farm goods and products wil, on May 1st, regularly come quick. Farmers market operators and organizers with a one year solicitors license can simply send in their list of vendors without a county certificate to the Sheriffs Licensing Division.

No licenses will be needed for the individual non-certified vendors. Vendors who sell arts and crafts, and hand-made clothing.

The licensing County Supervisor Diane Jacobs streamlined makes the work setting up the farmers markets easier to do, and faster, without the vendors inthe market paying solicitor fees. The Sheriffs Department still will make sure no harm is done to public health and safety. Lists sent in to the division at least 2 days before an event will be used to keep watch over the full markets. The division already keeps a list of the Agricultura Commissioner certified producers and vendors selling at markets.

There is no change to the need to get a health permit.

No used or second hand goods are allowed at the markets.

Selling without a certificate or a solicitor's license will become unlawful after the county board makes the final decision on licensing streamlining on March 11th. Farmers market customers can check a market is licensed by looking at a licensed solicitor's ID card an operator, or organizer, must wear.

The licensed solicitor has the resonsibility to make sure the non-certified vendors follow the county laws and regulations for licensed markets.

Currently, each individual non-certified vendor needs a license to sell goods and services at a farmer's market.

Not all markets that sell from tables, booths, or carts will have to get a county solicitor's license. Markets with 3 or fewer non-certified vendors can sell without a license.

Non-certified vendors, their first time at a market, can join a solicitor licensed market within 48 hours of the market event without having to fill out a form and get onthe Sheriff Division's list. After the first time, a vendor has to fill out a form and get listed.

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