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Farmer's Market date for the LA couple


In recent years, I'm sure many of you have been made aware of the same healthy trend that I have noticed and some of you are probably jumping on the band wagon full-force. It's called, eating right, but more importantly, eating organic. Now, grocery store visits are never top-of-the-list for a perfect LA date but the weekends sure bring around some fun Farmer's Market shopping and I highly suggest paying a visit with your other half. 

Among all the LA Markets out there, you will find many organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, honey, juices, breads, meats, fish, cheeses, olives and much more!  These markets carry just about anything your refrigerator needs and by the time your done shopping, you'll have a lot to pack in there when you return. You'll also be able to experience some traditional ethnic foods available to eat as you shop. 
Organic food not your style? That's alright. The Farmer's Markets have plenty more to offer! Besides the food, I also enjoy shopping the cheap items. My favorite item? Soap. Yes, soaps! They smell wonderful and they are all-natural. You will also find clothing, hats, hair accessories and a lot of jewelry.

When I visit the markets, I prefer the Hollywood Farmer's Market located at Ivar and Selma. This market is open almost every Sunday from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Among the items I've already listed above, the Hollywood Farmer's Market also provides local pet adoptions. If you two are animal lovers, BEWARE! You'll want to walk out with every animal ready for adoption! Now if you're a couple who enjoys playing with dogs and cats but can walk away from the temptation, you two will have a great time with the animals. 

It's Sunday morning and the markets have just opened. What are you waiting for? Hit up one today! 

For more information and parking instructions for the Hollywood Farmer's Market you can call 323-463-4171 or you can simply click here: 


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