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Farm Sanctuary provides safe haven for neglected and abused animals

The meat eaten by consumers almost certainly suffered a shockingly horrific life of abuse and neglect before it hit their plate. Even those farm animals not specifically raised for food, but for the milk or other benefits their lives provide find themselves in conditions one would only expect to find in P.O.W. or concentrations camps in wars past.  As compassionate human beings, we are appalled that people would be mistreated via starvation, exposure to the elements, lack of medical care, and outright cruelty.  When this happens to humans, we all stand up and say "no more".  But what about the animals that this happens to everyday on factory farms?

A baby pig mugs for the camera - Home of the L.A. County Fair's photostream

Farm Sanctuary, with two locations (California and New York) rescues and provides a safe haven to abused and neglected farm animals.  The stories behind the rescues brings tears to the eyes.  One of the 2010 adoption animals, Billy the calf, almost lost his life at birth simply because he had the audacity to be born a male on a dairy farm.  The owner of the dairy farm was about to end his life by brutally beating him with a hammer when a friend of the owner stepped in and said he'd take him.  Billy was raised much like a companion animal by the gentleman until he grew to large for him to care for.  Billy was released to the New York Farm Sanctuary where he is loved and cared for daily by a devoted staff. (See video of Billy's rescue here)

The public can visit either Farm Sanctuary and experience for themselves the wonder of getting to know these animals.  Pet a pig, kiss a cow, or frolic with a chicken, and see just how intelligent and loving these beautiful creatures are.  You can even "adopt" one of these animals by donating either one time or monthly to help feed and care for them. 

Farm Sanctuary seeks to end the suffering and abuse of factory animals through these good ambassadors (all the rescued animals).  After all, who can tell their tale better than they can?  Plan a trip to the California or New York farm with your family.  Come and spend the day witnessing the joy of animals who once lived in filth, cold, suffered disease, or were physically beaten.  Visiting Farm Sanctuary will not only educate, but will change the perspective of those visiting about the lives of factory farm animals forever. 

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