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Farm Sanctuary ad revealed pigs are great gamers

On March 25, Farm Sanctuary released a new stop-motion animation ad about pigs. Since “Pigs are friends, not food” was released, it has received over 30k views. Of course, Internet trolls have chimed in on the comment section of the video. However, that did not stop Farm Sanctuary’s goal of educating about pigs' behavior, emotion and intelligence.

baby pigs
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

The placement explained that universities have studied pigs, which resulted astonishingly. It revealed that pigs have the mental capacity to learn video games when they used a joystick. In fact, they learned faster than a chimp and a three-year-old child. The results showed that pigs excelled over both factors.

Donald Broom, professor at Oxford University, said, "pigs have the cognitive ability to be quite sophisticated. Even more so than dogs and certainly three-year-olds.”

Dr. Mike Mendl from Bristol University also said,“Our results suggest that pigs can develop quite sophisticated social competitive behavior, similar to that seen in some primate species.”

Farm Sanctuary hopes to help persuade people to discontinue the exploitation of pigs. Ultimately, they hope that it could at least make it harder to slaughter the animals when an emotional and cognitive complex is involved.

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