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'Fargo: Past and Present,' photography exhibition

Fargo: Past and Present promotional poster.
Fargo: Past and Present promotional poster.

Fargo photographer Dan Francis, owner of Dan Francis Photography, brings a bit of Fargo’s past to the present this Saturday.

Francis’ photo project brings together images of modern day Downtown Fargo and those from more than 100 years ago through image manipulation. First, the photographer studied the original photographs in depth.Next, he meticulously recreated the photos in present time by shooting from the exact same locations. Then, he juxtaposed the prints to create “Fargo: Past and Present.”

The artist will host a reception at The Spirit Room, 111 Broadway, Aug. 21 from 4:00- 7:00 p.m. The exhibit runs through Sept. 30. Visit the gallery homepage for hours, map and contact information.

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