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‘Fargo’ is coming to the small screen

Fargo cops
Fargo cops

If you enjoyed the Coen brothers 1996 hit flick ‘Fargo’ then you may be pleased to know a remake of the chillingly dark humorous detective drama is coming to the FX channel for a 10-episode run.

In this limited series, two FBI partners become obsessed with finding con artist Lorne Malvo, played by Billy Bob Thornton, and find him they do in snowy Bemidji, Minnesota.

You can expect the same trademark humor, which was usually brought on by the townsfolk’s bazaar politeness, as seen in the original movie. Of course, murder and mayhem is in order, however, whether we will get another wood chipper scene is not known.

Also joining the cast of ‘Fargo’ will be Oliver Platt as supermarket king Stavros Milos and Colin Hanks Deputy Gus Grimly, a single dad. ‘Breaking Bad’ fans can see Bob Odenkirk again in the role of Deputy Bill Oswalt. The part of former stripper Gina Hess will be played by Kate Walsh. And for you Masterpiece Theater’s ‘Sherlock’ followers, Martin Freeman (Watson) will be reprising the role of bumbling salesman Lester Nygaard.

In the movie, Frances McDonard (wife of Joel Coen) won an Oscar for Best Actress for her portrayal of deadpan, but efficient pregnant officer Marge Gunderson.

The series set to premiere April 15, 2014.