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Farewell to Stephen Huneck, beloved dog artist

Stephen Huneck's death marks a sad time for dogs and dog lovers.
Stephen Huneck's death marks a sad time for dogs and dog lovers.

Stephen Huneck, a beloved and widely known dog artist, died on Jan. 7 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was apparently despondent over having to lay off employees, due to the economic situation.

Huneck's images are colorful, endearing, and deceptively simple. They depict fanciful and poignant views of dogs. His website reveals many aspects of his artwork, from prints and woodcuts to jewelry and more.

Stephen Huneck is also famous for his Dog Chapel, which was reported on by Architectural Digest as "Dog Heaven on Earth."

People far and wide will mourn the loss of Huneck and his creativity. Dog Art Today, a favorite dog blog, has published a memorial article, "Remembering Stephen Huneck." Another favorite dog blog, Daisy and Bob's Blog, published "A Moment of Silence, a Time of Sadness."

To leave a message of condolence for Stephen's wife, Gwen Huneck, go to the Stephen Huneck Gallery Facebook page.


  • Patti Best 5 years ago

    Thanks, Rebecca for writing about Mr. Stephen. We are so sorry to lose this wonderful man.
    Blogging Bob (and his Mom)

  • Virginia 5 years ago

    Thanks for the details about this terrific artist. Amazing work. LIfe must have seemed so hard for him.

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